CineMe Shorts - Short Films & Networking

Where: The Tobacco Factory Cafe Bar, Raleigh Road, Bedminster, Bristol,, BS3 1TF

When: 30 June 2015 8:00pm to 10:30pm

"Short film is beginning to thrive in Bristol and its been helped by CineMe's vivacious and infectious attitude towards quality independent film of all budgets.  It's a great motivation for filmmakers like ourselves to keep pushing forward and the bar is forever getting higher too." - Shunk Films, Bristol.

It's that time of the month, yet again.  CineMe Shorts with its regular programme of short films, providing a platform for filmmakers to get their films seen by an audience.  It's also an invaluable resource tool for local, national and international filmmakers, providing networking opportunities to meet with like-minded people.

In June CineMe will be screening 13 short films and some of the local filmmakers will be there on the night to introduce their films.  Programme highlights include:-

Colin O'Toole's dark comedy 10AM, about a father passing down the family business to his son.  The father is determined to teach his son the tools of the trade and make him confident enough to take charge of home improvement projects of his own.  What starts off as a rather seemingly mundane workday becomes, well, a seemingly mundane workday.  At least for them!!

Jody Whittle's short satirical film The Box, about England's political approach to the Scottish referendum for independence.  Broadcasting from a secret, underground, military bunker, this political broadcast is aimed at the Scottish populace and seeks to persuade them to remain in the UK, by informing them of a device simply known as The Box.  A device developed and maintained on English soil, that modulates the vocal communication for all of the UK.

Black comedy Vajazzle written and directed by actress Nathalie Boltt (District 9), about a blinged babe who goes below the belt to take ravenge on her binge-drinking boyfriend.  The film co-stars Jonathan Brugh (What We Do In The Shadows), and proves that revenge is a dish best served re-heated.

Matt-Harris Freeth's Crocodile, which sees young Harry encounter a characterful, vagrant crocodile who has a thing or two to say about life on the road.

Katarina Complova's Silent Rooms, a short film depicting the close relationship between two young women, Eva and Nadia.  The pair's relationship, which falls somewhere between friendship and romance, is thrown into crisis when Nadia finds a new boyfriend, Simon.

There's also a host of local films from Bristol's Old Rope Films with Ball Games, Alan and Lesson #1.  Letters from Immix Media and Keith, a film made in 7 days with no money, no ideas and no camera by Luke Kondor.

Entry:-  No advance ticket sales.  Admission on the door only.

Entry Cost: £5 General Admission, £3 Concessions (NUS Holders, 60+ and Bristol Crew Members)

Posted by: James Ewen | 15-06-2015

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