Caroline Norbury, CEO Creative England

Where: The Watershed, 1 Canon's Rd, Bristol, City of Bristol, BS1 5TX

When: 04 December 2014 6:00pm to 9:00pm

In cities across England, bright, creative people are designing games, developing apps, making films and coming up with new ideas and technologies that have the potential to change the way we live, think and feel.

The creative industries are often seen as being almost exclusively the for the benefit of consumers - the creation and sale of films, music, TV, fashion, and video games. But increasingly around the world, in highly innovative cross-sector ventures, businesses are drawing on the skills, technologies and designs of the creative industries to support hi-end manufacturing, retail, and the delivery of public services such as healthcare.

Creativity, problem solving and innovative thinking matched with new capabilities in digital technology has the power not only to enrich our inner lives but to create wealth and prosperity for the UK. The Creative Economy is solving problems and putting customers at the heart of its endeavour; helping people help themselves and breaking down the barriers between producers and consumers - a keystone of traditional finance economies.

Caroline's talk will examine how creativity is changing businesses, driving growth and prosperity and will challenge perceptions of how the creative industries themselves should be viewed and nurtured and invested in.

Entry Cost: Free

Posted by: Jade Duggan | 21-11-2014

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