YENA Networking

Where: The Square Club, 15 Berkeley Square, BS8 1HB

When: 27 March 2014 7:00pm to 10:00pm

Networking is a great way to expand your business and establish connections with other like-minded individuals, but all too often young business people can feel overshadowed by the older generations; YENA aims to avoid this by providing young entrepreneurs with a strong brand to relate to and networking events and services with people of their own age, aims and potential to help them grow into thriving businesses and empires.

YENA events bring together innovative young people at the forefront of business, making the events your perfect opportunity to find a business partner or learn from a professional in your area of interest. There is also the added value of a key speaker at each event.

Entry Cost: FREE

Posted by: Sarah Green | 20-03-2014

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