FREE Script writing workshop at Arnolfini

Where: Arnolfini, 16 Narrow Quay, Bristol, BS1 4QA

When: 11 January 2014 10:00am to 6:00pm

This workshop with screenwriting luminary Laurie Hutzler will enable you to create a visual map for your fictional character's emotional journey and your script's dramatic structure. You'll probably also generate further plot as a result. You'll learn how to chart your character's internal conflicts and emotional transformation - this process takes you deep inside your character.

Devised by Laurie, the 'Character Map' pulls stories from characters rather than forcing them to conform to arbitrary plot points or story structure beats. This unique, interactive workshop will comprise talks, discussion, presentation, and a constructive analysis by Laurie of a selected character created by a participant.

This is a great workshop for visual thinkers who want to quickly 'see' a character's story arc. The session is practical and helpful and the technique can be applied immediately to any character. You'll take away a tool, in six easy-to-use steps, that just might change how you think about story.

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Laurie Hutzler has taught this method to some of the largest international media companies, who use it in everyday story development.

Entry Cost: FREE

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