One day Screenwriting workshop

Where: Bristol Film Academy, 4 Unity St Bristol, BS1 5HH

When: 12 October 2013 9:30am to 5:15pm

This one-day introductory workshop looks at the discipline of developing and structuring a screenplay. In the morning we focus on short film ideas and in the afternoon features. New screenwriters will be able to grasp the fundamental concepts and techniques of storytelling whilst more experienced writers can refresh themselves on these and contribute to the debate on story. The course is run by writer/director Rachel Tillotson who is an award winning filmmaker and film lecturer. Rachel is a BAFTA winner and has won numerous awards for her short films, many of which she has written. She has also been a University Lecturer for years, and has taught at Goldsmiths and Falmouth Universities and is now at The University of Gloucestershire. She works with BA and MA students whilst she develops her own film work. Her website is:

This workshop will look at how development works differently for various people and we will consider theme, what it is and why we need it. We discuss the notion of 'write what you know', as well as characters and the character arc. We consider different types of shorts and how an audience might ultimately be satisfied. We also look at the three-act structure for a short in a simple step-by-step process. We will be taking a look also at how to structure a screenplay and the lay out of the writing on a page.

This workshop aims to be a fun, supportive environment. Participants are welcome to bring their own concepts and work but it is stressed this isn't essential. However during the day everyone is encouraged to think of ideas for discussion in pairs or groups. Pens and paper are provided if you do not have these.

In the afternoon we look at the larger canvas and consider feature films. We discuss the essential differences between a short and the long film story and debate character types in features that might stimulate our imaginations. An initial priority is to consider the single protagonist film. We re-visit the three-act structure noting the complexity of its dynamics in the longer form. Once we grasp its rules we discuss how they might be broken. We look at flashbacks, and different types of inventive structuring out there. The afternoon also is an opportunity for participants to again think of ideas for discussion in pairs or groups. There will be regular breaks throughout the day. Please note that lunch is not provided.


Entry Cost: £45

Posted by: Rachel Tillotson | 02-09-2013

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