Free VAT Mitigation Workshop

Where: Latcham Direct Ltd, Western Drive, Hengrove, Bristol, BS14 0AF

When: 15 March 2013 2:00pm to 5:00pm

Are you caught in a VAT trap? If you're going around in circles, trying to find straightforward answers to questions about VAT in direct marketing, we have the perfect event for you - our FREE VAT Mitigation Workshop on Friday 15 March.

The DMA's VAT experts will answer your VAT questions and you'll have the chance to discuss any issues affecting you and your clients. Whatever sector you work in, if  VAT mitigation is an issue for you or your clients you can't afford to miss this FREE event.

Our experts will help you to understand why VAT affects the direct marketing industry and also identify how you can benefit from VAT mitigation. They'll also show you: Approaches to take when tackling problems; What supplies can be zero rated; Help and resources available to you; How to avoid pitfalls and be aware of questionable practices; Procedures for VAT assessment; Best practice for invoicing and documentation; How to deal with charities;  What's required for VAT inspections

Some clients are exempt or outside the scope of VAT and cannot reclaim part or all of the VAT they are charged. This means that VAT can reduce a marketing budget of £100,000 to £83,333! VAT mitigation can help restore the full budget.

Entry Cost: Free

Posted by: Luke Cardy | 05-03-2013

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