Writing to Sell: Emails and Newsletters

Where: Holt House, Leigh Road, Holt, Nr. Bradford-on-Avon, BA14 6PW

When: 11 April 2013 9:00am to 1:00pm

Learn how the 3 Rs of writing to sell can help you turn words into sales. This hands-on course gives you tools you can use straight away to improve the effectiveness of all your email communciations. Your email newsletter and sales emails are powerful selling tools. And this workshop shows you how to make them work harder to maximise results.

When we write emails, we write for results. Every word must justify its place on the page. It's the reader we need to think about, no-one else. The written word is a powerful communication tool. Sharpen it, and you can be sure of a competitive advantage. This entry-level course will give you a grounding in the basics of writing for email marketing campaigns and newsletters.

Set in peaceful countryside, our workshop space is an inspiring space for participants to let go of fear, discover their voice and, ultimately, use their words to become ambassadors for their business. You will master the basics of grammar, punctuation and spelling. You will learn to write in plain English, avoid cliché, and adopt the correct tone.

Throughout the course, we will be doing what we love most: writing. You will immerse yourself in practical exercises, applying your learning, in particular the Three R's: Remember the Reader and the Result. You will learn to focus on the delivery, structure and content of your email or newsletter. You will craft letters, e-mails and newsletters. You will write, rewrite, précis, and criticise the work of others. You will also receive feed-back on your own work. You will learn how readers read and writers write. Good writers, that is. You will sharpen your skills and give yourself the competitive edge.

Entry Cost: £150

Posted by: Gail Parminter | 18-02-2013

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