'Friday Fright Night' Presents 'The Descent' at Arnos Vale Cemetery

Where: Arnos Vale, The Spielman Centre, , Bath Road, Bristol,, BS4 3EW

When: 14 December 2012 8:00pm to 10:30pm

CineFeatures launch Friday Fright Night at Arnos Vale Cemetery. We will be screening independent horror films in the Spielman Centre - An elegant chapel built in 1839. Some of the screenings will include Q&A's with the makers of the film, guest speakers and showings of classic horror movies. Join CineFeatures for Friday Fright Night at a Cemetery - Prepare to be scared!! The Descent (18, 99mins) Director Neil Marshall Starring Shauna Macdonald, Saskia Mulder and Alex Reid. British horror movie directed by Neil Marshall (Dog Soldiers) and described by critics as 'terrifying, bold and brilliant.' A group of female friends led by Juno encounter bloodthirsty creatures when they get trapped in a mountain cave due to rockfall. Worst of all their friendships sour when they soon discover that there real fear is from each other. 'The best horror-thriller since Alien' - JoBlow.com Friday, December 14th 8pm, Arnos Vale Cemetery, The Spielman Centre, Bath Road, Bristol, BS4 3EW. Tickets ?6.00 door / ?5.00 advance at www.cinefeaturesuk.co.uk

Entry Cost: ?6 door / ?5 advance

Posted by: James Ewen | 06-12-2012

Contact the event organiser: info@cinefeaturesuk.co.uk