Stereo 3d in a day - FREE

Where: Bristol Film Academy, 4 Unity Street, Bristol, BS1 5HH

When: 11 December 2012 10:00am to 5:00pm

This is a single-day workshop developed specifically as an introduction to stereo 3D filmmaking for TV and video producers, indie film makers and freelance production crew. The training is a collaboration between The Digital Film Company (DFC) and Bristol Film Academy and all sessions are delivered by Neil Richards, founder of the DFC. Neil is a broadly experienced filmmaker with a background in electrical and electronic engineering and is a pioneer of affordable 3D Stereo technology. The workshop covers basic stereo 3D principles, 3D camera and display technology, provides some hands-on filming and introduces the basics of stereo 3D editing all in a single day! * Course outline We start with some stereoscopic theory and principles before by explaining the factors which produce good and bad 3D viewing experiences and give some tips for good filming as well as do's and don'ts from current best practices. We then cover current stereo 3D technology, capture and display standards, 3D cameras systems and 3D displays with stereo 3D camera equipment available for use in the workshop. We move on to do some short 3D filming exercises and review the footage live on 3D TV's and monitors. Finally we introduce basic stereo 3D editing and post-production, such as disparity corrections, and if time permits we will ingest some 3D footage and do a simple edit. Attendees are encouraged to bring a memory stick along to take their 3D footage away at the end of the day. *Testimonials "This workshop is an excellent training course for anyone wanting to learn about 3D filming. The theory is explained in a very clear and understandable manner and is followed by an invaluable practical session, giving you hands on experience with 3D cameras and putting what you have learnt into practice. I thoroughly recommend this fun and informative course if you are wanting to work in this new and exciting field." Mihali Moore, Cameraman, Bristol "Neil's masterclass was incredibly informative and engaging. The hands-on approach to making a short film during the course helped all his teaching sink in and come to life in a really powerful way" Oliver Purches, Writer/Director, Bristol "Having recently attended Neil Richards' Panasonic 3D Event at Pinewood studios I would recommend his presentation to those involved in the early stages of setting up a 3D production for the first time. Neil is informative and knowledgeable with a good cameraman?s eye and does not over complicate his presentation with too much technicality but instead concentrates on the most important principals and pitfalls of 3D shooting." Julian Meers, Production Manager, London "Neil's 3D training course was excellent, and I came away with a firm grasp of the theory of 3D shooting. Invaluable for anyone wanting to start shooting in 3D." Chris Jones, DoP, Bristol "I attended a talk by Neil and then a two day course on the subject of filming in 3D. Neil made the technical theory easy to understand and put together a very good curriculum for the course. I feel I now have a good grasp of the theory and practice of creating 3D film." Tim Shapcott, Digital Online Media Executive, Bristol

Entry Cost: FREE

Posted by: Matt Thurling | 02-11-2012

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