Bristol Explorers Monthly Social

Where: The Square Club, 15 Berkely Square, BS81HB

When: 06 September 2012 5:30pm to 8:00pm

Catch up on all the expedition and adventure news. Meet like-minded people. Get inspired by hearing about climbing in the death zone. All adventurous types are welcome. The next meeting will be Thursday 6th September. 6.30pm Doors open 7.30pm Talk by Niall McCann about his career searching for rare animals in lost worlds. In My Family and Other Animals, Niall describes some of the adventures he has had searching for rare and elusive animals in the types of places that are still blank on the map. From giant otters, piranha and anacondas in uncharted parts of the Amazon; to tapirs, glass frogs and gun-wielding cowboys in wild-west Honduras, Niall has sought the perfect combination between life as a biologist and life as an adventurer. 8.00pm Q & A 8.15pm Meet fellow adventurers ??? a bar full of people who have done interesting stuff or are looking to do something exciting. This event is FREE to members and £3.50 for non members. This includes a FREE DRINK. For further information please contact

Entry Cost: £3.50 non members, Free to Square members

Posted by: Sarah Green | 01-09-2012

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