Intuition for Business Workshop

Where: The Square, 15 Berkeley Square, BS8 1HB

When: 02 September 2012 9:30am to 3:30pm

Many Millionaire and Multi- Millionaires accredit the number one reason they became successful in business was: ???Ideas through intuition.??? We live in uncertain times socially, economically and environmentally, Intuition is essential to navigate stormy seas. We are bombarded with so much information it???s impossible to know what to do for the future without Intuition. From the workshop you will have: * Intuition tool box for decision making * Linking work direction with life???s purpose, so what you do, is blended with who you are * Tools to use intuition to navigate around the blocks we put up to our own success The workshop is designed to teach you how to access your intuition instantly. Situations when this is most useful in your currently life will guide how the the workshop unfolds. As a teacher I come with an enormous tool bag of props, insight and knowledge I then bespoke teach to the group I am presented with. Because of this, groups are often small. The workshop is £55 for a full day from 10.30-4.30 and includes lunch in the award wining Square Kitchen restaurant. It is time to become the captain of a ship and use intuition just like a compass to guide you, your career and purpose.

Entry Cost: £55

Posted by: Jade | 24-08-2012

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