Make Yourself Memorable Masterclass

Where: UWE, Bower Ashton Campus, Kennel Lodge Road, Bristol, BS3 2JT

When: 05 September 2012 1:00pm to 4:00pm

**LIMITED DISCOUNT SPACES AVAILABLE** Do you ever get glazed looks when talking about your work? In a competitive and noisy market place, our answer to, ???What do you do???? is like our verbal advert. It???s crucial to our success. Yet often as creative professionals, we struggle to convey what we do in a way that???s interesting and memorable to our listener. This workshop goes through the 7 ways we easily remember information. You???ll be shown how to apply those techniques to your conversations, so that you???ll stand out and be remembered. This isn???t about coming up with a perfectly robotic elevator pitch. This is about having a concise, clear and conversational way of talking about you, your work and why you???re different. We will cover: - How to ensure people want to hear what you have to say - 3 key phrases that create instant interest in your answer to the ???What do you do???? question - How to show you???re credible without boasting - How to confidently tell a conversational story - How to think about a metaphor to make you stick in people???s minds - How to be remembered for the right reasons ??? what men, women, introverts and extraverts need to watch out for. - The fruitful follow up ??? how to keep front of mind of your prospects without being a pest. Instructor Bio Melissa Kidd helps professionals get better results when they speak about their business. She???s particularly interested in making people and their propositions memorable and is currently writing a book on the subject. Melissa is a Neuro Linguistic Programming master practitioner and communication coach and her clients include Coca Cola, HSBC, Royal Mail and a range of South West creative agencies.

Entry Cost: Full: £75 / Discounted: £60

Posted by: Lucy Cox | 22-08-2012

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