Where: The Square Club , 15 Berkeley Square Cifton Bristol , BS8 1HB

When: 14 October 2012 9:00am to 3:30pm

FINDING YOUR LIFE???S PURPOSE WORKSHOP Sunday October 14th 10.00am to 4.30pm Ā£55.00 - Lunch included. Open to Members. You know you decided to be born because you have a purpose, something that you had to discover in this life time. It could be profound love, or a gift you have for the world. It could be your final life time back, just to heal from some issue you can???t even remember. What you do know is you want to have a deep connection with who you are and to know that you are living the fullest fear free life you can. This workshop is designed to be a catalyst to open you to your divinity and potential, to set you on the right path. Recognising the shift point for any block that seems to hold you back from the life you were born to have

Entry Cost: Ā£55

Posted by: Jade | 02-08-2012

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