Writing For The Web - half-day workshop

Where: Bailbrook House Hotel, London Road West, BA1 7JD

When: 21 June 2012 8:30am to 11:00am

This practical and interactive half-day training course will show you how to produce persuasive online copy. You???ll learn proven techniques to move web visitors through your sales and conversion process and encourage more of them to make contact and buy from you. If you are interested in improving your website, engaging with your customers and increasing the revenue from your website, then this course is for you. What you'll learn Understanding the key principles of copy for the Web How people read online Developing your own copywriting approach How to improve the copy on your site for increased impact Course Content The course includes the four main areas of online copywriting: Logic ??? structuring content to be persuasive Language ??? the use of plain English Legibility ??? making text easy to read online Layout ??? laying text out to be scannable This approach is applicable to anyone involved in the production of copy for: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Pay Per Click (PPC) Email Marketing Websites and Intranets

Entry Cost: £65 +VAT

Posted by: Gail Parminter | 19-05-2012

Contact the event organiser: gail@creativetraining.co.uk