DIT Workshop

Where: The Bottle Yard, Whitchurch Lane, BS14 0JZ

When: 15 May 2012 9:00am to 5:00pm

Non-Linear Evolution are running a DIT Workshop, Tuesday 15th May

Who Should Attend?
This course is aimed at Camera Assistants, Camera Ops, Edit Assistants, Editors and/or Runners with little or no training. They would be looking to gain a fundamental understanding of production, a good foundation in Data Wrangling, and knowledge of Digital Imaging Technician skills.

Course Description
This one-day course will explore the role of being a Digital Imaging Technician, and teach users the correct procedures in installation and operation - focusing on the ARRI Alexa transcode process. You will have the opportunity to use the kit and process the media.

The Kit
Apple Mac Pro workstations
Sonnet QIO card readers
G- Technology hard drives
SxS cards with Alexa shot footage

Pomfort Silverstack SET
Avid Media Composer 6
Apple Final Cut Pro 7 / Compressor 3
Da Vinci Resolve from BlackMagic Design
RED Cine X Professional
ARRI Look Creator

Entry Cost: £250

Posted by: Julia Speed | 10-05-2012

Contact the event organiser: julia@visualsnle.co.uk