Pervasive Media Studio Lunchtime Talk: Building International Engagement with a Transmedia Documentary Project

Where: The Pervasive Media Studio, Watershed, 1 Canons Rd, Harbourside, Bristol, BS1 5TX

When: 20 April 2012 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Naomi Smyth is a Bristol artist working in performance and documentary. Her current project is called 'How to Survive the Future'. It's an interactive mapped journey following Naomi and her husband Sam- a novice survivalist- south through Europe toward Egypt on their £500 ebay sailboat. On the way they'll meet and learn from people preparing for collapse and catastrophe- be it economic, ecological or nuclear- in very different ways. It will consist of short episodic documentaries- a mix of revealing survivalist character profiles, the comedic 'reality show' of married life on the tiny boat, and useful but tongue in cheek 'how to' guides for things like energy generation, hunter-gathering and self defence. The story will also build through blog posts and social media, and audiences will have the opportunity to meet Naomi and Sam in person as their boat travels down rivers and along coastlines, contribute their own 'how to's, and debate the nature of future resilience. Naomi is keen to share her audience engagement strategies and get further feedback and development from the wider Studio community before the journey begins later this year.

Entry Cost: FREE

Posted by: Verity Alexander | 28-03-2012

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