Golden Fawn 48 Hour Film Challenge

Where: Goodfellas, Haskins Retail Center, Shepton Mallet, BA45AX

When: 30 September 2011 2:00pm to 02 October 2011 5:00pm

Collaborate to innovate in film making/production Want to do something new and learn new ways of working in creative digital media? We want you to use collaboration and innovative and creative ideas to produce your very own short film in this 48 hours film challenge. How it works We meet at 6 pm on Friday 30 September at a competition briefing to complete entry forms, talk over the rules, hand out the missions. You then have until 6 pm on Sunday 2 October (48 hours later) to deliver the finished film. Draw a genre at random (you get one 'try again' if you don't like your draw), and find out the three mystery ingredients that must be in your film! We do this to make it fast, fair, and fun. Feel free to cheer the clever ways teams shoehorn the mystery ingredients into their films. There's a special golden shoehorn prize for the best use of the mystery ingredients! You don't need fancy equipment, you can shoot on a cameraphone if you like, you can edit in iMovie or Windows Movie Maker or Avid or whatever system you already own. It's your ideas and creativity that counts as well as demonstrating good collaborative and team working. You can even edit on a free trial edition of a system if you prefer, it's up to you. We cannot provide any equipment, so you should make sure you have, or can beg or borrow everything you will need. You have 48 hours to brainstorm, write, cast, act, film, edit, grade, score and deliver your film. So choose your collaborators carefully and make sure you all share the vision! Everything in the film must be filmed that weekend, effects must be created during the weekend, everything edited in that weekend. You can use music or occasional still photos taken before the competition (but see below), but in the interests of fairness, only incidental elements may be used. Music, photos, stock footage, actors, crew, locations, everything must be accompanied by a release form (copies will be provided). This is what allows us to screen the films legally. What does this mean for you? You need to use royalty-free music and pictures, or record or take your own media, and must sign that you have done so. You cannot just use your favourite band as a soundtrack, or use things you find on youtube, without the owner's express permission and release form. It also means your actors have to sign a form that says they consent to being filmed, and locations need to agree to being filmed in. In the event of any questions or doubt, err on the side of caution or contact the challenge organiser to check it out. The film will be between 4 and 8 minutes long, including all opening titles and credits, any 'bloopers', or any other elements. If in doubt, aim for 4 minutes! Shorter films are more concentrated, and often show better storytelling, which is what the judges will be looking for. Never bore your audience! Deliver your film by 6pm on Sunday 2 October. 2 DVD copies (in case of a bad disc!) should be submitted with all your forms, everything clearly labelled. Make sure you leave in plenty of time to get to the venue as the doors will close. If you film in HD, you will need to downconvert and submit a standard definition DVD-R disc. The discs should not have menus or navigation, just go straight into the film. Who should enter? You must be willing to work with other individuals or in teams of up to four crew (you may have up to four extra actors who must only be actors). You can be any age from 4-80 (although each person under 18 years of age must be represented by a parent or guardian), as long as you know how to have fun! If you want to enter in a team of over four people split up and compete against your friends! If you do not have a team, but want one, we will try to match you into a team on the day where we can, so do come along. Everyone brings something unique to the project, and your input may make the difference that wins the Golden Fawn Award! What's allowed? Use your common sense this is a FAMILY FRIENDLY competition, so no gratuitous nudity, language, or gore please. Don't malign anyone, don't invade privacy, don't breach copyright, don't break the law. The judges in their sole discretion may disallow films they feel unsuitable (or for any reason), so use your brain and if you're unsure, leave it out. What next? On the last night of the Digital Festival, Saturday 8 October, there will be a special screening of selected films from the challenge. We'll award some prizes, and the Golden Fawn Award. You are invited to the screening and prizegiving. We will also put a selection of the films online. To register your interest in getting involved, please email or call 0117 3250091 or 01373 465 565

Entry Cost: Free

Posted by: Claire Sully | 08-09-2011

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