Monday 6th July 2015

Opening Keynote

Professor Tim Hughes and Dr Mario Vafeas - "Client-Agency Relationships: Value Creation or Value Destruction?"

While there are undoubtedly shining examples of client-agency relationships, recent research by Bristol Business School at the University of the West of England suggests that many are fraught with a variety of problems that adversely affect the quality of the creative output and the efficiency of the creative process. In this session, Tim and Mario will share the results of their research, in which they interviewed clients, agency management, and creatives. They will highlight the factors that lead to dissatisfaction and conflict, and suggest ways in which clients and agencies can maximise mutual value from the relationship.  

Ben Hollom, Managing Director, M2 Bespoke - Content marketing - how to think like a storyteller and less like a marketer

Content is the buzzword on every marketers lips, but so many fail to grasp the fundamental principles of content marketing before they get started.  They think like a traditional marketer, build a plan around what they want to say, then wonder why no-one was interested, and they've run out of ideas. In this session we'll consider some practical tips that will help us (or our clients) switch mind-set and truly embrace content marketing. With 20 years experience working with global brands, Ben will share some practical advice which can help you or your clients 'ease' into content generation. 

Becky Bradley, Senior Account Director at Zone - How to retain your best clients

Retained clients are an MD's dream. It's invariably with such clients that awards are won and profits are made. However, keeping them retained is a delicate task. Competitors are constantly trying to catch their eye with shiny creative concepts, dropped costs, and zero baggage. This Master Class looks at ways to keep existing client relationships full of excitement, trust and respect - in order to deliver great work for mutual benefit.

Robert Craven, Author of 'Grow Your Digital Agency' and MD of The Directors’ Centre - Grow Your Business

Robert will reveal the key components required for growth.  As a result of attending this very practical session, you will have a better understanding of how to create a growing sustainable agency.  Based on research of the fastest growing independent agencies, Robert has recently launched his latest book, Grow Your Digital Agency.  He has also been working with Google Partners coaching leading independent agencies.  Robert is an entrepreneur businessman and coach.  His clients include Barclays, Nando’s, Cardinal Path, BlackBerry and numerous independent agencies.

James Caig, Head of Strategy, True Digital - Strategy – what the @*%! is it anyway?

Our world is one of new skills and cross-discipline collaboration. The digital landscape is endlessly shifting. Each new innovation transforms both technology and consumer behaviour, and more than ever agencies need a strong strategy function. But strategy is an awkward concept. It’s hard to define and its value is difficult to quantify. Plus, no one can quite explain what it is strategists actually do. Not even strategists themselves. 

So what makes a strategist? What’s the case for having one in your business? And how can you tell you’re working with one who’s any good?

Craig Wightman, Design Director, Kinneir Dufort - Think Bristol: Work Global - How to successfully manage an international business from the heart of Bristol

Kinneir Dufort are one of design’s true global players and now with their Queen’s Award win for International Trade under their belt, they are set to see considerable growth in the demand for the work from their Bristol based studio.

With an enviable international client list and with over 30 years’ experience working around the world, Kinneir Dufort’s Design Director, Craig Wightman, will share his insights into how to find that fine balance that is required for successful international business.  From Gangnam to Grenoble, Austin to Agra, Craig will discuss what is required to deliver award winning research, innovation, design and development no matter where your client is or where you are.

Ryan Webb, CRO Director, Search Star - An introduction to conversion rate optimisation

The marketing industry has spent the last 15 years working out how to get well targeted traffic to websites. More recently it has woken up to the necessity of maximising the value of that traffic with Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). Ryan's talk will give an overview of the fundamentals of CRO, explain a framework used to help evaluate website performance and include a demonstration of some CRO tools.

Graham Edwards, Head of Group Marketing, BM TRADA - B2B marketing. B2C marketing. It’s all the same isn’t it?

Whilst some believe that whether you are marketing to the B2B or B2C sector, the approach is really no different, others take a different view. As a seasoned marketer with over 28 years’ experience working on both the agency and client side in B2B and B2C, Graham will give his view as to whether or not there really are any differences, if so whether they matter anyway and what it means for the agency.  Graham will use two real-life examples to illustrate the point and to help the audience come to their own view.

Richard Norton, Creative Director, Indicia – Social Never Sleeps

For any brand or business, social media offers amazing potential to connect with audiences. Some organisations do it brilliantly; others, well, at least you can learn from their mistakes. And today with the surge of interest in real-time creativity and livestreaming apps, life for marketeers gets even more incredible/complicated/mind-boggling. Should you dive in and seize the moment? If so, how can you ensure your efforts end in triumph rather than tragicomedy? Richard, or Norts as he is known, will take you on a lively tour of the good, the rad and the fugly. There will be laughs, there will be surprises, there may even be cake. #BMMC15

Michael Agnew, Account Director, The Future Foundation - The Future of Marketing and Agencies 2025

What will best-in-class consumer engagement look like in 2025? How will new technologies further change consumer expectations, mindsets and behaviours? How will successful brands create or maintain dialogue with customers in this dynamic landscape?

The IPA and Future Foundation present findings from the second edition of a seminal report into the Future of Agencies that provoked significant changes in strategy and focus for leading brands and advertising agencies when the first edition was published a decade ago.

Michael will share insights into the key scenarios that brands will need to respond to over the next decade.

We will also hear from an expert panel Chaired by Janet Hull, IPA Director of Marketing Strategy as they debate the implications of these emerging scenarios and speculate on such questions as how significant the role of agencies will be to the fortunes of brands? What will truly engaging content look like in the future? Panellists include Chris Thurling, Adviser on digital strategy, innovation and marketing, Claire Banks, Digital Planning Director at McCann Bristol, Gemma Coles, MD Bristol at Mubaloo and James Caig, Head of Strategy at True Digital.

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