Irfon Watkins, CEO, Coull, Philip Cheek, CEO Smart Traffic, Richard Irvine, Aspect Film & Video, Brian Mansfield, MD and Strategy Director Taxi Studio,

Panel discussion chaired by LEP Creative Sector Chair Paul Appleby

Creative Growth - Bristol Fashion

This session brings some of the fastest-growing local companies together to discuss how best to respond to a growing market, the best techniques for increasing your company’s market share, and how much should you be investing in trying to win new business, or moving into new spheres of activity. The West of England LEP is supporting growth through a range of scenarios and this session focuses on incremental growth. 

James Trezona, Group Agency Managing Director, Harte Hanks

Conquering America – hints and hidden pitfalls of expanding into the US market.

As every music act knows, the secret to success is the US market. It’s still the world’s largest media market, and appears very similar to the UK in culture. But we are “two nations divided by a common language” and many other differences. Having grown to 100 staff in the US in two years, James gives tips on making the “special relationship” work and discusses the “creative swap” experiment - as featured at SxSw 2013.


Ed Culliford, Account Director, Search Star

PPC beyond the keyword

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is often only associated with search ads and long lists of keywords. But this is rapidly changing, with the IAB predicting that "Audience Targeting" will outstrip search spend within the decade. Here, we'll look at how Google is leaving the keyword behind with other forms of targeting. While we might be seeing the demise of the keyword, PPC could just be getting going - so make sure you know how to keep up.

Griff Holland, Owner, Friska Food

From Start Up to Take Off: Gearing Up for Growth

Founded on the guiding principles of "food to make you feel good", Friska has opened four outlets in Bristol over the past 4 years. They have successfully passed the start up phase and are currently preparing for a period of strong growth and expansion, with plans to open 50 stores over the next 7 years focusing on University cities and cosmopolitan centres  throughout the South West, South East and into London. Griff Holland, one half of the founding team of Friska, will focus on what Friska is currently doing to enable it to effectively scale in the coming months and years ahead.

Tom Harding, Senior Solicitor, Osborne Clarke

Marketing Online: Using Social Media, User Generated Content and Viral and staying compliant

The session will take a ‘back to basics’ look at some of the legal landscape that regulates digital and social media marketing, and how marketers can lawfully use UGC in their campaigns. It will take a look at recent examples that have fallen foul of regulations and the practical points can be taken away from this, and will also cover some tips for viral marketing campaigns.’

Michael Agnew, Future Foundation

Engaging with the new native

Michael will be introducing you to the world of consumer trends – why does your business needs them and how do you apply trends commercially. He will be exploring trends in native marketing, storytelling and brand communications, looking at consumer attitudes and the best commercial applications of the trends.


Jonathan Gaunt, Director FD Works

Right Here, Right Now - Finance without the fear factor

More and more people are ditching big agency life for a better work-life balance and a belief that they can do it better for less whilst still making money. Knowing the financial state of your business in the ‘here and now’ doesn’t have to involve copious amounts of paperwork and hideously complex sets of figures. Jonathan will be sharing some simple ways in which creative businesses have already saved money and boosted profits.

James Robertson, Strategy Director, Bray Leino

Are traditional planning cycles becoming obsolete?

The proliferation of digital and interactive platforms is forcing marketeers to develop a more fluid, real-time planning model. An adaptive planning model focuses on outcomes not outputs; is based on a continuous interaction and relationship with audiences, embedded in the customer journey; and demands a culture of effectiveness, using real-time metrics to adjust live activity throughout - as opposed to after the event. Today’s marketeers should be more agile, innovative and adaptive than ever before.

Gemma Coles, Planning Director and Emma Pengelly, Planner, Mubaloo

Mobile App Master class

Making the most of an app - what you need to know & how you can prepare. Mubaloo will present a Toolkit for App Development, arming you with a view of the processes, skills & outputs involved in delivering a successful app. Attendees will leave with practical tips and cautionary tales on how to Plan, Design, Develop, Market & Support an app.

Leigh Abbosh, Head of Advertising, Dyson

Creativity within : taking it in-house

Dyson parted company with its last global advertising agency in 2007 and has since built up an in-house agency that deliver creative campaigns for over 60 markets. Here’s the view from the inside.

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