Chris Thurling is on the countdown to SxSW 2015

Bristol Media board member Chris Thurling is heading off to Austin, Texas on Thursday 12th March to attend the world’s biggest and arguably most influential digital festival -

Chris will be on a mission to make lots of new connections for Bristol Media, find out how other cities promote themselves during the festival and will be blogging and tweeting about his experiences day by day. 

“It’s been an ambition of mine to attend SxSW for many years”, says Chris, “and I am really excited about finally making it. The scale of the festival is almost overwhelming; I think I could spend the entire five days attending talks on wearable tech alone! What I’m hoping is that I will come back with lots of great tips to pass on to Bristol Media members who are planning to attend SxSW in future years."

If you are interested in finding out more about SxSW, Chris is giving a talk when he returns at Goldbrick House on Thursday March 26th, 6pm. Places are limited, so sign up via the Bristol Media Meetup group:

During his time at SxSW Chris will be using the hashtag #BristolatSxSW and you can follow him at @christhurling







Published: 04-Mar-2015
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