Bristol Media is one of the biggest creative networks in the UK. We are an industry led organisation, whose primary role is to facilitate collaboration and growth within our region, delivering projects, events and opportunities for almost 500 paying members (January 2015).

Bristol Media was created in 2005 to support, develop and grow an exciting and competitive creative/media community in the city..

We have 4 core priorities for the five year period 2010 – 2015

  1. Building the profile of our member organisations and individuals, engaging them within our local market and at a national level, representing our sector and industry interests
  2. Developing the skills of our membership and within the region to help attract and retain talent, develop enterprise opportunities and strengthen the regional talent base
  3. Helping to facilitate employment and skills sharing within our membership and within our creative region and community
  4. Supporting business growth, through the strength of our collaboration, partnerships, mentoring and enterprise initiatives

A team of some of the city’s leading industry figures manages Bristol Media. We have over 4,000 subscribers and almost 500 paying members (January 2015) across the digital, TV, animation, design, marketing, PR, publishing, film and advertising sectors.

New members are always welcome. Please enjoy our site and join one of the UK’s strongest creative communities.